WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Tools - YUMMIX - Moon Berry
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Tools - YUMMIX - Moon Berry

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YUMMIX TASTE TIP Is a device that enhances the smoking experience by using our patented technology to add rich flavor to each puff. The taste tip is disposable, it gives the user about 40 blunts worth of use. The device is rechargeable and has an airflow control valve that acts as a flavor dial. The flavor dial is at full flavor when it's closed, as you open it it reduces flavor concentration.

This product includes a 3-in-one magnetic glass tip which fits:

1. Cones (inside)
2. Blunts (outside/around)
3. Hemp cigarettes (inside)

A cover that allows the user to turn off the smokable product by cutting off oxygen when closing it. The cover also allows the smokable product to stay stored in the device for convenience.
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