The Dip Stick Concentrate Vaporizer


The Dip Stick Concentrate Vaporizer



1 DipStick unit

1 Battery Charger

2 Batteries

2 Concentrate Containers

2 Vapor Tips

1 Interior Metal Rod

1 Protective Vapor Case

1 Lanyard

Hailing as the latest invention of revolutionary concentrate tools for vaping concentrates, the Dip Stick vaporizer is a state of the art device embodying a sleek, compact design and superior performance, all in one.  Built with some of the most advanced heating elements in the vaping industry, the Dipstick vaporizer features a battery powered vapor tip that heats up instantly with the push of a button, as well as a durable magnetic top for easy assembly. Unlike similar dabbing devices such as the nectar collector or dab rig, the DipStick vaporizer allows the user to load their exact desired amount of concentrate without creating a mess or wasting excess.  Each DipStick handheld vaporizer kit comes fully equipped with it’s own battery charger, two vapor tips, two batteries, two concentrate containers, one interior metal rod, a protective vapor tip case, a traveling case, and a collectible key chain.  Do dip in, and dab out.