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What's Happening to Elf Bar?

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Elf Bar is one of the most popular disposable electronic cigarettes on the market right now, with our shelves alone carrying over 100 different disposables from Elf Bar alone. But you may start to notice a difference in their packaging very soon. 

Fret not, however, as the disposables that you know and love are still very much alive and well. Just with a new name! We have heard from our distributors that Elf Bar is currently dealing with the tail end of an extensive lawsuit from a company called "VPR Brands" for the use of the name "Elf" in their products. If you're anything like this blog post author you might think that a lawsuit like this is incredibly petty and aims only to devour the hard work of another company and while I may agree with you, it is a bit more complicated than that.

VPR's CEO, Kevin, Frija, made claims that Elf Bar Disposables were causing VRP Brands Elf Sales to plummet and the company was able to "prove through trademark filings that they have legal rights to the name 'Elf' and that Elf Bar Disposables were confusing VRP's Elf Customers."*

United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, Judge Cannon issued an order giving VPR's motion for a preliminary injunction in the trademark infringement dispute for the name "Elf". This has forced Elf Bar manufacturer Shenzhen Weiboli and all of their affiliates to no longer have legal rights to advertise, market, or sell the beloved BC5000 Elf Bars under their original name.

Elf Bar, however, has taken this news in stride and hasn't missed a beat when it comes to continuing the meticulous production of their high quality vapes! They have, effective as of February 28th, 2023, rebranded to "EBDesign" and are working diligently to get new packaging produced and to start shipping out new products. You may have noticed our shelves now carry a neato new device known as the "Funky Republic" (click the link to see all of the flavors)! These new disposables are a HUGE leap ahead of the curve with a lot of new features under the hood, such as a nice LED screen that lets you know exactly how much juice is left in the device!

The newly branded EBDesign BC5000 devices are due to drop on American soil this month, March 2023 and we'll be absolutely certain to pick them up and let you know!

What is your favorite Elf Bar flavor? Let us know in the comments!


*MiPod Elfbar Trademark Name Lawsuit

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